LETS is a form of bartering but so much more. It enables members to trade beyond a one-to-one exchange through our LETS directory, which lists a wealth of offers from other members, who repay the favour by writing a LETS cheque in our local currency – NETS. Another convenient mode of payment is via an e-cheque. Paper cheques or e-cheques (emails) are sent to the Trading Secretary, who credits/debits accounts accordingly.
In LETS, cheques cannot bounce, and members can still trade even if their balance falls below zero. It is the BALANCE of trading that is important. If every account was in credit, then the system could not work!
SW Dorset LETS has been operational since the early 1990s and is still growing – proof this really helps the community.

Google Group – our online interactive noticeboard

We have an interactive notice board online, where members of South West Dorset LETS can let each other know what they are offering or wanting at any time.

Any member who uses a computer can join, and can choose to receive emails when a new topic has been posted.

It could be used for all sorts of things, including items you want to sell for NETS, or allowing you to respond to requests for help without waiting for the newsletter to be published. Use the site in addition to the newsletter and directory, and it can really boost the usefulness of the group.

Only members can join, and only members of the Google Group can see the items posted, so join up to see what is being offered or wanted by other members.
Join using this link: Getting Started and Help.

Any questions or difficulties having read the notes please email Alex at


Last updated: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017