South West Dorset LETS online notice board Getting Started and Help notes.

To join the group
Only members can join, and only members of the Google Group can see the items posted, so join up to see what is being offered or wanted by other members.
Go to
Here you can sign in to Google (you can sign up for an account with
Google without creating a Google Mail account – just register your current
email with them).
Once signed in you can click on the Apply to join the Group.
Before you click to apply to join, you decide how often you get the emails
telling you that there is a new post on the site. You can choose from
never, once a day in brief, once a day in detail or every time there is a
new post.
Then just click on “Apply to this Group”. An email then goings to one of
our LETS administrators who will check that you are fully paid up member
of the group. Please allow time for this, when approved you will get an
email to say you have been approved and have access to the group.
So now you have joined up, what next?
To find the group once you have been accepted, either follow this link!forum/swdlets We strongly
recommend that you mark it as a favourite or book mark it.
If for example you are away from your own computer there is another
way into the site…..
Go to . Click on More then select Groups from the list. If
you are not already signed in, do so now (the link is at the top right hand
side of the screen). You will then see SWDLETS under My Groups. Click on
that to go into the group.
These help notes are all written for the new Google Groups format. To
ensure you are in the right format, look on the right hand side and Click
where it says “View this group in the new Google Groups”
These are few but are there to ensure that the site works positively for us
all. BUT you may be banned from the group permanently if you abuse
these rules.
• Also only post about something that can be wholly or partly traded in
LETS. General notices about other events are not to be posted here.
South West Dorset LETS online notice board
Getting Started and Help Notes
To post a message
Click on “New Topic” on the blue bar towards the top of the page.
Make the subject line very clear and start with OFFERED or WANTED for
example …….
WANTED: Lift to Dorchester from Bridport area
OFFERED: Gardening service
Then in the main area of the message put all the details of what you are
looking for or offering. Don’t forget to put your name, and the area.
Respond to a post
If you want to reply to a post / topic, click on it if you haven’t already.
Then click on “reply to author” to make a personal response. Only click on
“reply” if you want everyone to see your response.
If what you are offering is say an item for sale, the please post a reply
when it has sold. Similarly, if you are looking for help and it has been
offered, please post a reply to let everyone know.
To keep up to date with a topic you are interested in, just click on Options
above open the message, and select “Email updates to me”.
Getting too many emails or too few?
You decided how often you wanted emails when you joined, but you can
change that under “My Membership” – look on the top by the SWDLETS
for the link. Remember you can receive emails about each discussion
posted, or a daily digest of them if you prefer. Or of course no emails at
all (not recommended), in which case you would have to remember to
check the board regularly.
So welcome on board, any questions or difficulties please email me at
Happy trading.
Alex Cook


Last updated: Monday, January 30th, 2017