Join Us

What happens when I join?
Once a member, you will be given an account number. You can start trading and earning or spending NETS straight away. You will also be given a directory which is crammed with all the skills and services you now have access to.

What does it cost?  
 Just £6 for your first full year’s membership.
You will find payment details at the end of the application form.
Annual subscription
After a full year of membership, members  are required to pay a small subscription, between £3 and £5, according to their budget, as a share in covering those things not available to us for NETS –  postage, printing, hire of halls for events etc.

What do I get?
A directory of the goods and services members offer, a list of members, a cheque book, and regular newsletters and information about LETS social and trading events.

What can I offer?
Anything! Click on a sample page below to give you some ideas
work in progress, link to come

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Get a friend to help suggest things you can do. It doesn’t have to be special… most of us can walk a dog, weed a garden, lend a tool, bake a cake or do odd jobs and errands. It can be a hobby or you can use your work skills – just as long as you’re happy to do it for other people.

Please click here to read our Membership Agreement.  From there you can submit an application form.


Last updated: Tuesday, February 6th, 2018