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What happens when I join?
Once a member, you will be given an account number. You can start trading and earning or spending NETS straight away. You will also be given a directory which is crammed with all the skills and services you now have access to.

What does it cost?  
Good news – right now, NOTHING!
We are running a Special Offer for the rest of this year.
and you still get a FULL YEAR’S membership before paying the small annual subscription as described  below.
If you apply to join now, you can ignore the request for payment which is emailed to you on receipt of your application.   We will simply sign you up, giving you access to all the advantages the group can offer. 
Annual subscription: after a full year of membership, members  are required to pay a small subscription, between £3 and £5, according to their budget, as a share in covering those things not available to us for NETS –  postage, printing, hire of halls for events etc.

What do I get?
A directory of the goods and services members offer, a list of members, a cheque book, and regular newsletters and information about LETS social and trading events.

What can I offer?
Anything! Click on a sample page below to give you some ideas
work in progress, link to come

We cannot display this gallery

Get a friend to help suggest things you can do. It doesn’t have to be special… most of us can walk a dog, weed a garden, lend a tool, bake a cake or do odd jobs and errands. It can be a hobby or you can use your work skills – just as long as you’re happy to do it for other people.

Please click here to read our Membership Agreement.  From there you can submit an application form.


Last updated: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017