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Harvest Lunch 1pm to 3pm on Saturday 17 September 2016


LETS is a Local Exchange and Trading System, our South West Dorset

group has over 250 members who exchange skills, goods and services – without using cash.

LETS is for everyone – employed or unemployed, school-leavers, senior citizens, single parents, new business ventures, small businesses, shops, community groups – the list is endless.

Trading through LETS is so much more sociable too!

It is an economy based on friendship.

All those members who owe their annual subscription have been contacted by email or telephone. It needs to be paid by 15th December if membership is to continue for 2016. Any queries, please contact Debbie Bond (see your members’ contact list).

Directory entries
The new 2016 directory needs to have ‘live’ members with ‘live’ offers. If any member wishes to update their directory entries for the new 2016 directory, please contact Vince O’Farrell (see your members’ contact list) before the end of December, via email, or leave a note in Fruits of the Earth, Bridport, and it will be passed on to him.


Last updated: Tuesday, 13, September 2016